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Neo Transformer 2-in-1 inline speed skate frame


Our best value inline speed skate frame for growing skaters. You can get all inline wheel configurations in one pair of inline frames; 4×90 millimeter, 3×100, 4×100 or 3×110 millimeter for those kids that have the skills to handle larger diameter inline wheels.

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Voor uitgebreide informatie verwijs ik u naar de Cadomotus website: https://www.cadomotus.com/en/neo-transformer-2-in-1.html

This inline speed skate frame for kids provides the foundational 4 wheel set up for small wheel beginners ánd the 3 wheel configuration for built-in age and skill level upgrade!

Even experienced and strong pro athletes try to save weight in their equipment. For smaller and younger inline skaters, the weight influences the skating technique even more. A three wheel set-up with 100mm wheels saves you 10% weight compared to a four wheel set-up with 90mm wheels. Imagine saving 10% of the energy you put into moving your legs!

Wheel setup 2-in-1 (3W or 4W)
Profile semi-solid
Weight (g)
Mount separation (mm) 150, 165, 195
Best screw length (mm) 14
Alloy 6061


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